From the Streets of Chicago to The White House: David Axelrod

The Chicago Chapter of Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs, in collaboration with The Carlton Club, welcomed David Axelrod on September 11th to discuss his new book "Believers: My Forty Years in Politics" at the Ritz Carlton Chicago. The luncheon and moderated discussion offered attendees a rare, up-close and personal account of what it's like to plan and develop a start-up political campaign. Axelrod's reflections, seminal to entrepreneurs everywhere, are now revealed in his new book.

Working for a political campaign is akin to working for a start-up entrepreneurial venture: The experience is bigger than anyone can describe. At the very least it's a buffet of jobs - at some point you may even get to do them all. The long hours can crush you and push you to your limit. You solve problems and learn that persistence pays off. You're goal oriented and tirelessly champion ideas. You "pitch", hear "No", and regroup. Which is why developing a tough skin is part of the process too. Yet vulnerability is always there, especially when personal challenges arise. David Axelrod has experienced all of this and more. One might say he has the DNA of an entrepreneur.

The luncheon's lively discussion, moderated by CBS-Chicago News Anchor Jim Williams, elicited candid insights and perspectives about his decades of political involvement - spanning Axelrod's time on the streets of Chicago all the way to The White House.

And for the attendees, David Axelrod personally signed his book and spoke with them individually - sharing a bit more about his life's passion and dogged entrepreneurial spirit.