Motion Traxx - Music - Coaching - Motivation

Jason Keck, BA'99 is the founder of Motion Traxx. which is  a fitness technology company that helps people stay motivated during their workouts.  They have just launched a new product.

"We believe that being fit helps you achieve more in life. So whether your goal is to look great naked, have more energy, or just feel more confident, Motion Traxx will motivate you to be fit with audio workouts that are coached by leading Equinox trainers and paired with music that’s sync’ed to your workout.

You can access our catalog of cardio workouts anytime through our app, and every time you workout with Motion Traxx, you will accomplish more than you would working out on your own.  When you finish one of our workouts, you will feel invincible."

iPhone and Android apps are available. Check out the company here.