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The mission of HAE is to foster innovation by bringing Harvard alumni from different schools, interests, skills and background together to innovate. In-person interaction builds bridges, catalyzes ideas and spurs action.

If you live in any of the existing cities we have chapters, please sign up for membership here and the chapter co-chairs will add you to the event and activities mailing list.

Please visit the chapter section to see the list of chapters that are currently operational and get in touch with their leadership.

Chapter goals

  • Promoting, expanding, and maintaining a network of past, current and future Harvard entrepreneurs – alumni, students and affiliates;

  • Enhancing the visibility of local Harvard entrepreneurs within the broader Harvard community and beyond;

  • Increasing local alumni participation and investment in undergraduate, graduate and fellow alumni entrepreneur communities and events;

  • Providing resources, programs and activities designed to advance entrepreneurship in the Harvard community in the region.

Application Process

  1. All members of the local chapter must be active members of HAE.

  2. At least ten alumni (from any Harvard school) are required to start a local chapter.

  3. At-least two members should be nominated for Chapter Co-Chairs - positions. The other roles are treasurer, VP of Committees - events, membership. Additional committees can be created based on member interest.

  4. Members who are interested in a leadership position at the chapter can self-nominate themselves.

  5. Members of chapters must agree to abide by Chapter Operations Manual, Conflict of Interest policy, Code of Conduct, Non-Disclosure of personal alumni information and other agreements required by Harvard Alumni Association or HAE.

An alumnus who is unable to recruit enough members but is still interested in starting a chapter with the assistance of HAE may submit the application and, if approved by HAE will be recognized as a representative or point of contact for that city. HAE will facilitate the formation of chapter by local interested alumni. Chapter may also exist as a virtual chapter (with online presence) till sufficient number of alumni come together to form a physical chapter.

Before a chapter is formally announced, potential chapter co-chairs typically organize a few events in the area to gauge interest. HAE may be able to provide support for these events.


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