Rayger: Bring music to life - Crowdfunding campaign

Trevor Nash, AB'15 & Jason Smith,AB'15 have launched Rayger, a music frequency responsive LED light show that follows the beat in a unique new way. The project was developed while studying at Harvard.

Using audio frequency filtering technologies, the Rayger flashes strands of ultra bright LEDs with the beat and intertwined rhythms of music, creating a totally unique music visualization system. Unlike other music light shows that are controlled by audio volume, the Rayger bases its visual response on the different frequencies, or pitches, present in the music for a one-of-a-kind audio-visual experience.

The crowdfunding campaign is here and their website can be reached here. Please leave comments below.

CommonLit is crowdsourcing to make middle school reading exciting!

Michelle Brown, MEd'14 is the Founder & CEO of non-profit called CommonLit which is building a free resource to get middle school students excited about reading. She taught 7th grade rural Mississippi and then in Roxbury, Massachusetts before enrolling at Harvard's Graduate School for Education.

Michelle launched CommonLit with a mission to get middle school students excited about reading. She has received great response from school districts, teachers, authors.
 Please check out the campaign link here. Your feedback is welcome below.