Online Money Exchange

Avoid transfer fees + Find friends = Save.

In essence, Friendly Transfer encourages you to use your friends to beat international transfer fees.  

Friendly Transfer is the first trust-based, intermediary-free, peer-to-peer money exchange community. Developed by a group of international Harvard students at the Harvard Innovation Lab they knew how expensive bank fees and transaction costs involved in international money transfers can be. In order to pay for school and other expenses - and avoid fees - they reached out to their networks: Whenever they needed to bring Dollars from their country to the US, they would find a trusted friend/colleague in the US who needed to send Dollars in the opposite direction, and simply agreed on paying each other locally. 

FriendlyTransfer brings this possibility to a wider community of students, travelers, immigrants, small businesses owners, etc., who can now connect with friends around the world and exchange Dollars locally, instead of incurring costly international transfers.

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