Intelligent Technology: Picturing the Thrill of Driving

A perfect team of co-founders: MIT + Harvard grads. A love of cars, design, cameras and fun. This is the recipe for Waylens camera - a data-driven automotive camera system.

The Waylens camera is what dreams are made of: "Beautifully designed, high-performance camera, stylish steering wheel-mounted remote, and a wireless adaptor that connects to a vehicle's computer."  And if that's not enough, "the Waylens system records, and overlays real-time performance data over HD video to capture every aspect of your drive." Wait, there's more: "a mobile app, cloud server and automated smart editing software that uses an algorithm to pick the best 'moments' from your hours of aggregated driving footage".

Launched via a Kickstarter campaign, they exceed their goal within hours.

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