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We invite HAE Members, Chapter Supporters, and HAE Sponsors to host an event or meet-up in any city in the world. If your region has an existing HAE Chapter, please contact the Chapter Co-Chairs to coordinate the event


Member HOSTs

HAE Members are supported by HAE to host the events. By hosting an HAE event, you have the opportunity to bring together experts with insights on cutting-edge developments in technology, business, public affairs, social movements, or any other sector of interest to entrepreneurs. You can draw on your personal or professional network or seek support from HAE to create an event that will forge new connections. Events can be organized around a particular topic, a notable speaker, a current event. Informal meet-ups can also be organized.

Please send the details of the proposed event including venue, number of expected alumni, support required from HAE. Due to limited resources, we may not be able to support all event requests at a particular time.

If you are not a member yet, please sign up for the HAE membership here before making the request. Only HAE members are allowed to host events. If you are already a HAE member, please use the form below to submit the idea of the event.


Sponsors & chapter supporter hosts

HAE Sponsors & Chapter Supporters partner with HAE or a specific HAE chapter to host events. Events must be designed to further our mission of fostering the entrepreneurial network of Harvard alumni. An event goal could be educational, networking, training or social. Please use the form below to submit the idea of the event.


  • Except when approved by HAE, events should not be used for promotional activities, solicitation or recruiting. HAE reserves the right to prohibit a sponsor from organizing events in the future at its discretion.

  • Before organizing events, the hosts must agree to abide by Conflicts of Interest statement and Code of Conduct policies of HAE and HAA.

  • HAE events should be independent and not be co-organized by any other club, association, group or organization unless approved by HAE.

  • All registration for HAE events should be done through this website.

  • Hosting or organizing a HAE event without the explicit permission of HAE Leadership, Chapter Co-Chairs is prohibited.

  • If you would like to setup a chapter in your region, you can get information here.

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