Network with Harvard Entrepreneurs in Denver

HAE’s Denver Chapter offers alumni a series of panels and networking events throughout the year. When you join this chapter you’ll be part of the rocky mountain ecosystem of entrepreneurs. Please send us a note at if you have any questions/comments about the chapter or are interested in getting more engaged with our community. Some opportunities include: volunteering with the chapter, spearheading events, sponsorship and more.


Confessions from a Matchmaker about the Business of Love February 6, 2019



Past webinars: How To Drive Companies from Funding to Exit


HAE partners with GSVlabs to launch Harvard Startups Co-working space in Boston exclusively for Harvard alumni led ventures.


Entrepreneurs Showcase

The Changing Nature of Big Media

Raising Capital for Your Business

Creating Growth in a Mature Market

Global Networking Night

If your organization would like to support events organized by the Denver chapter, please click here.

Chapter Co-Chairs

Committee Chairs

Mark Spitz, AB '81

Events Committee

Kyle Schultz, MBA '04

Membership Committee

Patrick Tierney, MBA '96

Finance Committee

Colin Barclay, AB '07

Liaison Committee

chapter Events

The Denver chapter organizes several events throughout the year for Harvard alumni and Harvard affiliates. The chapter also jointly hosts many events with partner organizations. Please sign up for the membership and the mailing list here to be informed of chapter activities. Upcoming chapter events are listed here.

 If your organization would like to support events organized by the Denver chapter, please click here.

workshops & panel discussions

Denver chapter organizes workshops to support venture creation.  Experienced entrepreneurs or service providers are invited to share insights with attendees. The structure and content of these varies - from the number of panelists to size of audience. Some of these are restricted to Harvard alumni. 


networking events

Networking events bring alumni and industry stalwarts together in Denver area.


The chapter committees are responsible for various activities of the chapter. Chapters have flexibility around the structure and membership of the committees. Committee members can be elected by members or nominated by the co-chairs. Committees include:

  • Finance Committee: Oversee the finances of the chapter, including chapter activity planning and reaching out to potential chapter supporters

  • Events Committee: Responsible for planning and execution of events. Also collaborate with other organizations for joint events

  • Membership Committee: Develop chapter membership and manage member communication

  • Liaison Committee: Maintains relationships and communication with other HAE chapters and partner organizations

Denver chapter is looking for volunteers to serve on these committees. Please email us if you'd like more information.


member opportunities

Volunteer – Volunteer to help organizing events. Participate as a committee member or general member.

Host Events – If you personally or your organization would like to host event, please let us know about event idea and we will make it happen. Events could range from informal Meet-ups at restaurants, bars or Harvard University properties to formal seminars or networking events at corporate offices.

Support Events – Many corporate organizations prefer to host individual or a series of chapter events to build visibility among regional alumni. You can develop and support a new event idea or a program or you can support one or more ongoing events and programs. You can also sign up for HAE sponsorship. Please click here for more details.

Mentor – We are looking for seasoned entrepreneurs, business mavens, founders and investors to be part of our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence program (EiR). Volunteers give their time to advise and counsel fellow alumni entrepreneurs on a wide range of topics. Please check out the details and sign up form here.

Partner – Members can organize joint events with HAE and their employers or another organization they are associated with.

Recruit – HAE provides a great platform to find co-founders and employees for your startup.

Discuss – Seek and provide advice to members through discussion forums.

Gain clients – If you are in the business of providing services to startups, HAE provides an ideal forum to reach out to potential customers. Please check out the conflict of interest policy that lays out guidelines about this.