Mentoring & Communication platform for Harvard alumni

HAE Connect is a peer-to-peer online platform for Harvard alumni to provide and receive mentorship, discuss ideas, share advice, expertise and recommendation. It is open to alumni from all Harvard schools as well as faculty and current staff. The platform provides diversity of educational, professional and cultural backgrounds.

HAE Connect members access exclusive impact driven programs, events, webinars. Access Directory of alumni entrepreneurs. They can recruit Harvard alumni as business partners, mentors, executives, co-founders, investors and contributors. Through alumni and company directory, members can access information about alumni businesses and services and HAE exclusive resources like co-working spaces, deals and discounts. Members can volunteer to do AMAs (Ask Me Anything), webinars in their area of expertise or respond to other members’ questions.

HAE Connect is a unique platform to give back to the community through mentoring, sharing expertise and opportunities.

HAE Connect is only available to HAE members. The annual membership fee is $49.

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Alumni can give back to the community and forge relationships with other alumni by signing up as a mentor. They can set the number of mentees that they would like to mentor at a given time and the business / industry domains that they can provide mentoring in. The platform provides the flexibility of communication and scheduling.

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Mentees can search for mentors by location, industry, skills and request mentoring. If accepted, they can send requests, track their communication with the mentors. There is no separate fee for mentoring service and mentors are expected to provide mentorship at no charge.

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Members can access information about other alumni and search profiles based on school, location, industry, skills, mentorship interest etc. Members can also send direct messages to other alumni members.

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Members can post jobs on behalf of their organizations and access any job postings free of charge.

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Groups are discussion forums where members can host AMAs (Ask Me Anything), reach out to other members by industry or by city or country. The classifieds section is general for posting any personal or business classified notices.

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Members can access HAE Connect exclusive events and webinars.


  1. Sign up for HAE membership here.

  2. Go to the HAE Connect page to apply. Please use the same email that you use to sign up for HAE membership.

  3. If your alumni and HAE membership status is verified, you will get an invite link to sign up in the email.